From: United States asks occupation, what if you are just a people watcher, Club Wallflower and you pay yourself through entertaining yourself? I choose student because I consider myself a student of life.

Im originally from London, but I moved to Florida. No, I don't have an accent because I was really young. But my parents have a slight one. My personality has been likened to that of Daria, so hence, the picture, and my dad calls me Queen all the time, though I feel its a bit ironic because growing up I was never treated like one. Rather, my brother was the one that my dad was lenient with the most, and my mom, well, she's too superficial, she's not the type I consider was considered cut out for a mother, she was more involved with shopping and make up and concerned with what people think, so I just raised myself. I took a more of a generally somber/read books at the library approach to life. Preferring to be a loner because it makes me happy.
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