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I like to think of myself as a kind and considerate person, someone who would rather help others than hurt them, and I try to live up to that. I try to be a friendly person. I don't have a problem with being social, but I can be really shy, so if you want to talk to me you'll probably have to do something about it. :P But I make mistakes sometimes, like everyone else, and if I said or did something that hurt you somehow, believe me, I'm sorry. If you want to talk to me about it and bring it to my attention, I'm fine with that, but try to do it in a civil manner. :) As for my own past, I've been through a lot. You may not think of it when you see me, but I do have a history that you wouldn't guess. Please don't ask me about it just because you want to know, though. Just because it's something in the past doesn't mean I'll give out the details to everybody who's curious. If you're nice about it and actually make an effort to care, I might just talk about it. :] I don't like it when people are judgmental or stereotype others, having been on the receiving end of a lot of that it really is painful. That being said, your opinion of me really doesn't change anything, but it would be nice if you wouldn't be outright mean about it. I also tend to be accepting of other people regardless of who they are or what has happened to them. I sing, play guitar (ok, not very well, but I'm learning) and play piano (again, not very well), and I think music is pretty awesome. I write A LOT because it's really fun, and it helps me release my emotions without it being harmful to me or others. It's also a good way to keep your life and your thoughts organized. I'd appreciate it if you don't gossip or make fun of others in front of me, but I'm not naive enough to believe I can control what you do. If you choose to be an inconsiderate person, that's your decision, but I really can't see why you'd want to do that. :/ Oh, and if you ever want or need to talk to someone about anything, I'll always be there to listen to you, and I'll try to help you if I can.
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