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What kind of pet can you take on a greyhound?

Ok so I am going from washington to Tennessee and well I am thinking about getting a pet from the shelter before I leave but also I am also an animal lover well except snakes and animals like that so... here are my questions How many animals Which kind What type of stuff can you not bring and... Travel & Leisure

Is anyone from washington state? Or was from washington state?

I'm just curious if anyone was or does still love in Washington state Travel & Leisure

How would you do this?

I am leaving in night time when my family is asleep and step dad is at work and he does know I am leaving so my question is how would you plan your leave? What would you do? I am having a hard time planning my leave to the airport and dk what to do.. my grandparents said they will pay for me... Travel & Leisure

How would you go from one city to another?

I am leaving my state but I do not drive Also the transit buses nor taxi does not run either and I have no one to take me where I need to be. The place I am trying to go to is around like 3 to 6 hrs away from my place depending on the traffic and stuff So I am stuck I am also trying to leave... Travel & Leisure

Does everyone hate Christians?

I am just curious does everyone who is not a Christian hate us? If so why Religion & Spirituality

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