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My life us currently under construction. Searching for happiness without him.

I'm a 23 year old girl from California, but I am not the stereotypical California girl. I, like women everywhere, have my flaws. My hair is 100 percent real, so are my boobs.

I love listening to rap and R&b music but I like country more than any other genera.

I stay up to date in all things relating to politics. I identify with Democrats, however my ideas are a little more bipartisan than that.

I'm barley a junior in college. I know I should be done by now but I landed a really good job after high school, after a few years the company closed. If I could do anything different, I would skip the job and focus on school. It's whats the most important. My major is History with a minor in Sociology. I eventually want to go to law school.

I love hard, therefore I've had my heart broken plenty of times.

I've had the same friends since Jr. high school. I love them all with my whole heart. We're there fore each other through thick and thin. Even though we sometimes get into fights.

I love playing poker. My friends and I have a poker night at least once a week. I've participated in one tournament, I lost. Lol

I am an open book, if you would like to know more go ahead and ask.

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