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** Leaving GAG for a lil bit **

If I dont' message you back, it's not because I don't care...well that's part of it lol :P jk I'm just off the site for a while ^^

Dead Eyes

Their chest rise slowly...hearts beat bold.

Blood simmers each vein...such lust behold.

The flesh is feeble...the soul must rise.

Lovers stare with dead eyes.

A frozen body...a warming touch.

A staggered voice...a softened hush.

A tender kiss...such sweet demise.

Lovers stare with dead eyes.

Reality fades...it's nothing more.

Steal a life...hold it's core.

for in this love...we gladly die.

why lovers stare

with dead eyes...


Overall I'm just a thoughtful, outspoken, down to earth girl.

Kinda stoic and a bit blunt, but there's gotta be someone to keep it real out there.

I'm young, still got a lot to learn about this world, and just focusing on creating the life I want to have.

Nothing is predestined these days...

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