From: United States

Relationship: Dating

Works in: Student

About me (Tbh...) :

My name is Chasper.
I like turkey leg emoji🍗
I like lollipop emoji🍭
I like ghost emoji 👻
I like cookie emoji 🍪
I am a college sophomore.
I like guys.
I'm left handed.
I'm a Virgo.
I cried when Ash died.
I usually laugh at unfunny sad things.
Skinny jeans is my oxygen life support is yours.
I love my car and socks.
My SSN is....jeez nosey much?
I make friends, memes, and enemies.
You can be either c;
But I'm generally a nice and kindhearted person.
I don't argue with internet people but I will troll from time to time. I like making my own lines on paper. I enjoy brutal honesty. I love the harsh reality and wake up calls. I enjoy common sense. I'm really normal. You people are odd and don't make sense.
If I like you, you'll figure it out.
This is getting long...just ask if you want to know what's my favorite game.

🍪 🍭 🍪
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