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Recent Questions

Is a guy who’s insecure about his looks a red flag?

I’m going on a date with a guy next week. Basically, he can’t handle compliments and calls himself ugly and that nobody likes him. But FUCK, he is SO HANDSOME. He jokes about me possibly being high on drugs for even finding him good looking. Apparently he was bullied at school as a kid and... Dating

Is it bad if I can’t remember faces of some random white people I’ve talked to?

It is totally not intended to be racist cos I’m not one but in all honesty, I can’t remember certain people’s faces just because they were white. Not all but strangers and acquaintances. For instance I can’t even rememebr the face of the old white dude that picked me up at the airport when I... Society & Politics

Was this stranger flirting?

I was walking fast with my earphones on. From my peripheral vision I saw a guy waving at me and so I looked. I took off my earphones and there he was asking me what type of music I was listening to ‘cos apparently according to him he had never seen someone walk like me and that I was probably... Dating

Would you return a ten dollar note someone left at a supermarket?

Was at a self checkout area and saw that someone left a ten dollar note and So I gave to the staff when I could have just stolen it. Would you think I was dumb especially when I’ve been broke these days? 😂 Society & Politics

Help: so intimidated, my classmates are all older than me?

Many are working adults. I’m studying finance, and my classmates seem to be much more knowledgeable than me. I’m the only first-semester student (first year) of this one class, and everyone’s a second year and more. oh, also I’m an international student and since back home, I took finance... Society & Politics

How to get over the embarrassment of having burnt a fish nugget in the oven and having the fire alarm go off?

I was freaking out a lot trying to close the fire alarm but in vain. A flat mate from upstairs even came to help. 😩 I’m beyond embarrassed and don’t know how to act cool about it. Society & Politics

Girls who don’t wear bras?

Trashy or nah? Couldn’t be bothered to wear bra today so. I had a big jacket on so it’s not like I was exposing my black singlet 24/7. Dating

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