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I picked Dark and Dangerous as my personality because I have been told I am hard to "read" and that it makes me mysterious. I used to get into some stuff but since then I have really turned my life around.

I like a girl but I'm in sort of an awkward situation with it.

I am a 22 year old student registered in college, but not taking classes. A music major to be exact, and I hope to make it big one day with the girl of my dreams at my side.

I work at a library. Sounds boring but it really isn't. I learn all sorts of new things from it everyday and sometimes if you talk to me, I may spurt them out at you.

I am an avid coin collector and I used to play sports but quit because I found out I liked watching them better.

My ultimate goal in life other than to make it big musically and marry is to climb mount Everest as I want to climb mountains.

Oh and the pictures I have are the ones I felt best described myself
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