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Retired, widowed, 2nd marriage, post grad degrees, former RN, musician, Mensa, computer hardware geek, former rugby/football athlete, war veteran, love tostay around my wife, going out eating, going to concerts, walks in the park, go to the public library a lot, do research, cook, write stories, study lexicography, love studying history, collect movies, records, CDs, DVDs and tapes, talk with others. Healthy especially for my age, wicked sense of humor, loathe bars and lizard lounges, dishonesty and prigishness, love cuddling especially on cold nights, adore romanticism and like to be chivalrous (like opening car door for my wife, "as you wish", being her protector when she needs, love getting her things she says she wants and needs, day trips, bed and breakfast, Apple picking, buying and eating organic fruits and veggies, book collecting. We have close contact with my sister's family. My wife and I are best friends. I like to gather facts and wisdom. The more I do the more seem to have time for even other things. Oh. I'm 6' and 200lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. I don't know what else anyone would want to know. thanks for the read.
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