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ALERT!!!!! NEGATIVE FREE ZONE!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Here to meet new friends!!!!!! I am a double major in Japanese & Psychology. I am an upcoming author so please enjoy the condensed versions of my work on the MyTakes page. Fun Fact: My friends nicknamed me Pocahontas for my Cherokee heritage and Disney obsession. I love interacting and helping others. If you have personal questions please direct message. Disclaimer: I do not own any parts of, or profit from any of the Illustrations used on my posts. Any awards from GAG have not been claimed after being accepted. If they have been claimed then I have contacted the artist directly and have permission to post. These artists deserve recognition so make sure you like/follow their pages and show your support. Hopefully you will find my content fun and helpful. Nice meeting you!!! Thanks for getting to know a little bit about me. If I am inactive on this site then please reach out on (My account is verified for all the haters who think my account is fake.)
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