From: United States

Relationship: Married

Works in: Arts

I'm a social documentary photographer.

I enjoy hiking, biking, longboarding, snow sports, yoga, weight training, climbing gym, dirt bikes and healthy eating. I enjoy collecting and reading classic comix from the 1970's and 1980's also known as 'Underground Comix."

I adore women...without the ladies our world would be a real hell-hole. OK, I adore them a little too much and am a sex addict. But don't confuse sex addict with a sexual predator. I always believe in treating a lady respectfully...unless she is on one of the comix...then anything goes!

I'm not into rough / abusive sex. (Although I may give rough answers to the G@G'ers sometimes!) When it comes to the ladies I enjoy teasing the orgasm out of a gal with tender loving care, rather than pounding and choking it out of her.

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