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You Found Me...

This is for him. How it all began. Let me start here— my mom died in 2017 and while I love and miss her, this story isn’t necessarily about her. When my mom was dying, she asked me to promise her a few things. One of those things she asked me to promise her was that I would open my heart to the... Relationships

My 5 Dream Date Ideas

Thanks for the invite @Jjpayne!! This is my first myTake so please forgive the formatting. I’m cringing that the text isn’t aligned!! Feel free to share your feedback and other ideas! In no particular order: 1. Walk on the beach Particularly at dusk. A walk with my date while hearing the waves... Dating

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Are there any children’s songs/books etc that make you sad?

This is a song that my students watched about words with “ea”. It was about this pea floating peacefully on the sea when a flea lands on him and is about to eat him. The poor little pea is singing this sweet song, begging for his life with tears brimming... Other


Ladies: Does your boyfriend pump gas for you? Guys: Do you pump gas for your girlfriend?

My boyfriend pumped gas for me today. I wasn’t sure what to do... so I just waited in the car. LOL But it was really sweet. Relationships


Would you want to be a storm chaser? Would you take a storm chaser class? Other

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