From: United Kingdom

Relationship: Crushing

Works in: Administrative

Autistic guy who tries to be funny and fun-loving but ends up being intense, pretentious and self-absorbed, 30yo going on 6 (but with raging hormones). I have a few pearls of wisdom but I'm not a great role model. I suffer from low self esteem and an exaggerated British sense of humour. You get the idea.

I like Rock music (especially Metal), computer games, history, politics, science, fantasy novels, girls, the subject of relationships, technology, food, languages/culture, travel.

I don't enjoy dieting but am doing so. I don't like exercise but I cycle anyway. I don't like working in Finance but it's probably the best place for me.

Not keen on Opera, Rap, Hip-hop, House, RnB, shellfish, veg, nuts, mayo, strong-tasting fish/meat/fruit, misandry, gardening, pets, sports, social injustice, children, strong beer, ales, rum (only because it disagrees with me), wine (because it disagrees with me), blowjobs, handjobs and anything to do with the anus.
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