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Before I begin, if I dont offer any form of retort or rebutle then I will have been blocked. Why stay silent when there are no repercussions to speaking your mind?

Also: I've been less and less active over the past year, for anyone who asks me for help im sorry for the long delay in replies

So anyway; Hey,

I used to be one of your typical low self esteem, low confidence, quiet cases. But that has changed over the course of the past year or two simply due to working on my body and having more social interaction. If you're reading this and you were like me it really is that easy.. I can give great advice (when I feel like it) but I'm bloody terrible at following it.

Stupid questions deserve stupid answers.

If I don't see a serious question I won't give a serious answer.

Wee bit more about me:

- 6ft 4"

- blonde hair, blue eyes (stereotypical swede/german)

- love fitness

- love learning


do you follow a Religion? give hank a quick scope; it should clear some things up -
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