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Why do some guys fear that a girl will get mad if they tell her they like her?

This is something I don’t get. A few times guys have told me they like me and when I tell them I’m not interested in them they say “please don’t get mad at me” or they say that before they say they like me. Why would I be mad that someone likes me? I would be flattered even if I didn’t feel... Guy's Behavior

Why do some guys get so mad when a girl won’t hook up with them?

They are always like “you’re wasting my time” even thought they approached first or they say “you’ll never find love because you’re so uptight” and “you’re just like every other girl I talk to” and things like that. I’m not looking for a hook up. I’m either looking for a real relationship or... Guy's Behavior

What are your thoughts when your friends tell you someone likes you?

If you like then back, what do you think? What if you don’t like them back? If I like them and I get told they like me, which never happens. I would get very giddy. Now if I don’t like them back and they like me, which happens a lot. I’m like “um okay, why though?” Flirting

How would you feel if your friend gave your number to someone who liked you but you didn’t like back without you knowing?

This happened to me a few times. I let the one time slide because my friend thought maybe I would like him back but I never did. The other time I feel like it was a joke because the guy asked me out and never contacted me ever again. The date never happened so I didn’t really care but he was... Flirting

Do you think body language is the best way to tell if someone likes you?

I think it is. There’s so many nonverbal things we do subconsciously. Like they say when someone finds something or someone attractive, their pupils dilate. That’s something you can’t control either. Unless you’re in bad lighting then maybe not so much. They also say we raise our eyebrows when... Flirting

Have you ever pretended to like something just because the person you like likes that specific thing or activity?

I’ve never pretended to like something just because someone I liked likes it but I had guys pretend they liked something they heard I was fond of but I later find out they actually didn’t like it and it was very disappointing. Flirting

What do you think of this conversation with this guy?

Some back story. This random guy added me on Facebook. We had one mutual friend so I thought maybe I met him somewhere, but I didn’t. I accepted his friend request and we started talking over messenger. I didn’t exactly know what to say to him so I just gave him the thumbs up emoji and that’s... Guy's Behavior

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