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I ONLY DATE 6FEET & UP GUYS💑💏💗👌✌I AM A WOMAN👶WITH A VAGINA🐩 NO D*** I KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT A PIGGY ALL I KNOW IS IT GO'S IN A HOLE AND ITS LONG!I am a Artist Journalist Photographer Dancer... i am 4'11 & 83 poundsTattoos and Acrylic taper EarringsDreadlocks shave to the sidesI am very creative, I make my own thingsi am unique , I dress like myself.. i don't copy off peopleSmall feet & hands brown eyes , long hair I have a bubble butt & medium size breast ... that stand upI really don't care what people think of me lmaooo ;))flat stomach. .. pretty toes♡i like to have fun I don't drink nor party nor smokeFavorite food : pizza :)))Favorite color: white I love animeI love watching basketball My favorite games are NBA 2 call duty super street fighter... I LOVE FOOD :)))! I could be mean sometimes but I don't care about what people say about me ;))) I am flexible ... i want Twins👶👶👪
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