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Why You Are A Rich Person In The World

If you are reading this, then you should know that you are one of the richest people in the world. 1. Clean Running Water You probably have clean running water, and clean running water is easy to get. It's so easy that you just have to press a button in any public location and drink all the... Society & Politics

The Little Things That People Often Forget When Offering "Nutritional" Information Online

Many people on YouTube and GirlsAskGuys and probably others suggest that you should do this and that to live a "healthy" life, equating "healthy" with "good looks" and "lots of energy". Don't eat carbs. Do eat carbs. Don't eat fat. Do eat fat. Eat a lot of protein from animals. Eat a lot of... Health & Fitness

Recent Questions

Why do you think it is ethical to derive nutrients from plants that kill animals for survival but not ethical to eat animals directly?

Plants and herbivores have a predator-prey relationship. Herbivores eat plants, but plants have their own weapons to protect themselves from getting eaten. Humans are an unique type of consumer in that they actually like the flavors of plants and manipulate the plants' genes to favor human... Society & Politics

Which kind of diet do you think is healthier - the plant-based diet or the decomposer diet?

Plant-based: breads, noodles, rice, quinoa, potatoes, corn/maize, various fruits, various vegetables, plant oils and fats; little or no use of animal products or fungi products. Decomposer-based: various types of mushrooms (enokitake, shiitake, portabella, button mushrooms, beech mushroom, king... Health & Fitness

If your yearly US salary is $10,000 in 2016, then how would you budget your living costs?

If your yearly US salary is $10,000 in 2016, after taxes, and you live in one of the contiguous states, then how would you budget your living costs to make ends meet? Society & Politics

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