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Are You The DUFF? Why You May Be The Reason For That Title

EVERYONE HAS A STORY There I was sixty pounds heavier than I have ever been, my friends invited me to a birthday party at a restaurant, and of course there are women all around us. I wear the biggest shirt to hide the protruding belly that fights me every time I bend over to tie my shoes. I...

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5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Talking To Women

Have you ever wanted to talk to a beautiful woman, but you talked yourself out of it. You might have made some excuse as to why it wasn’t the right time like: “She’s too pretty, and probably has a boyfriend.” “She looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered.” Or “I am not dressed right today, and...

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Cyber Sex, Love, and Interest! Are You Using Online Dating To Get What You Want?By Wisengruber

When I first started my journey to the world of online dating, I was too excited. Can you imagine a person who got out of a relationship over a year prior, without a touch from the opposite sex, having meals alone, watching movies by yourself, and going to family functions without that...

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Cyber Love: What You Need To Know About Online Dating

Cyber Girls and Guys What you need to know about online dating By Wisengruber So you want to online date? So did I, and for a year and a half, I have put many websites to the test. I have been on many dates in the past year, and have gained quite the knowledge of how things work. I have met many...

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No Text! No call! No show! What happened? Why most relationships fizzle out!

No, text, No call, No show! So what happened? You met on a Saturday night, you had the perfect date, she held your hand, and at the end of the night, she kissed you. Then she texted your phone constantly. “WYD.” “LOL.” “Missing you.” Emoji here, selfie photos there, it never crossed your...

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Women Want What They Can't Understand & Can't Have - Are You Either One?

In the beginning it was said that God made man, and then made women from man hence woman. However, drama started in the garden, because Adam was a whuss, and she got curious. Confused? Don’t be I’ll explain later, keep reading. Why Can't You Get That Second Date? Have you ever wondered why, you...

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