12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"#ValentinesDay #WTF

Have you ever received a Valentines Day gift and thought to yourself "WTF was he/she thinking giving me this?!?" Sure, traditional Valentines Day gifts such as a cliché bouquet of roses and heart-shaped box of chocolates isn't for everyone. But there are some gifts that are just so horrible, no one in their right mind would ever dream of giving their beloved Valentine one of these... unless you and your Valentine are both sick and twisted individuals (which in that case, no judgment!). After doing some searching on the deep, dark corners of the web, I present to you a list of 12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

1. Edible Anus Chocolates

This gift is literally chocolate for a-holes. You can now give your lover chocolate casted in the shape of an anus (because nothing says "I love you" more than chocolate shaped like someone's butthole). You can order your own box of edible anus chocolates at EdibleAnus.com

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

2. His & Hers Tongue Scrapers

They say that a couple that practices oral hygiene together, stays together...because nobody wants to French kiss a furry tongue. It may be just a gag-gift, but you may be sending your Valentine the wrong kind of message with this one. You can order you His & Hers Tongue Scrapers on Amazon here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

3. Human Teeth Jewelry

While on the topic of oral hygiene, why not consider giving your sweetheart a fine piece of jewellery made from teeth? Australian artist Polly van der Glas makes jewellery out of real human body parts, such as teeth and hair. A diamond may last forever, but jewellery made of teeth is definitely unique. You can check out Polly's fine selection of teeth/hair jewellery at her website, here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

4. Name A Cockroach

Want to seal your love with a "hiss"? For only $15 you can name a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach after your sweet Valentine (you even get a digital certificate as well!). Check out this original offer, as well as pricier packages, at the official Bronx Zoo website.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

5. Edible Brief Jerky

Don't have such a sweet-tooth? Candy thongs are a thing of the past when you can have edible meat underwear! I mean, what man doesn't like meat? If you are interested in purchasing a pair of your own, it will cost you over $200. Alternatively, you can make your own DIY version here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

6. Bacon Lube

Why not go all-out on the meat-related theme, and get some bacon lube to go with your brief jerky? Now you and your lover can smell and taste like you bathed in a vat of bacon grease....sexy. You can order your own bottle of baconlube here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

7. Make-out Pillow

Does your Valentine need practice kissing or often feel lonely? Now they can have the cuddliness of a soft pillow and the creepy plastic face of a CPR doll all in one! You can purchase a make-out pillow here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

8. Willi Warmers

Remember that childish knitted sweater that your grandmother gave you for your 10th birthday that you hated wearing? Now your man can have their very own knitted pair of boxers! I mean, what grown-ass man wouldn't want to dress-up their package as a cute elephant? You can order your willi warmers here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

9. Undead Teds

Sure, traditional teddy bears are cute and cuddly, but they are rather cliché. Why not get her a teddy bear that will give her nightmares? Undead Teds are zombie teddy bears for that special someone with a morbid, sadistic dark side (okay, I admit, I kind of want one). Check out their creepy collection of bears at UndeadTeds.com.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

10. Anthropomorphic Mice

Undead teddy bears not your thing? Brooklyn tattoo and taxidermy artist, Sue Jeiven, creates one-of-a-kind pieces of art with dead mice (she even offers taxidermy classes to make your own morbid creation!). You can purchase your very own mouse taxidermy kit here.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

11. Karma Sutra Cookie Cutters

What do you get when you cross gingerbread men with 50 Shades of Grey? Why, karma sutra cookie cutters of course! The idea behind this gift may be cute, but lets be honest, these cookies look creepy AF! Karma Sutra Cookie Cutter sets are available on Etsy.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

12. Poop Soap

Last but not least, there is poop soap, the "shittiest" gift of all (no pun intended). The set includes 2-peices of handmade soap that look totally disgusting, but apparently smell delicious. Poop soap is available on Amazon.

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

12 Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

Have you received weird Valentine's Day gifts that make you say "WTF?!?". Feel free to share them below!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • It was a gift for Christmas, not Valentine's Day. And it wasn't bizarre like these gifts; it was just weird.

    I had been dating Jennie for about 2 months. This was in 1984, in my second year of law school, and I was not looking for a serious relationship. At that time, what i wanted was casual sex and dating without any expectations about the future and, apparently, she wanted the same thing. We spent some nights together and we treated each other well, but there wasn't any "I love you and I want you the rest of my life!"

    Still, when the calendar turned to December, I felt that I wanted to get her a relatively nice Christmas gift (considering the student budget that I had.) I bought her a pair of leaded crystal candlesticks.

    When I opened her two gifts to me, I controlled my reaction rather well. The first gift was a lint brush shaped like a duck. I don;t remember what happened to it but I found a picture of another one just like it:


    I wore suits to work every day so I could use a lint brush but the idea of a lint brush as a Christmas gift seemed rather absurd. The second gift was an indoor/outdoor thermometer, similar to this:


    It required that you drill a hole through an exterior wall to put the temperature sensor on the outside of your home. At the time, I was living in off-campus university housing that was about 40 years old and it had masonry walls at least 12" thick. There was no way that I could ever use this gift and, even if I could, you bought your lover an indoor/outdoor thermometer as a token of your affections?

    I decided that she did not mean these gifts to be a personal affront; she was just too weird to know better. We broke up shortly after New Years and I had a much better companion by Valentine's Day.


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  • Human teeth jewelry for when your significant other is a budding serial killer

    • Um, yes, I have several follow up questions to my beloved serial killer..."who's teeth are these?" "what did you put in my drink?" and "do I have time to run or scream or is this a surprise, this is it, sort of situation?"

    • @BeeNee I'm still wondering where the artist gets the hair and teeth from because she doesn't specify where.

    • Even if we are to assume they are donations... okay, but like who is donating their teeth so that someone else can wear it as jewelry?

  • WOW. Just WOW. I knew their was some weird shit out their, did not know about those (except for the bacon lube, which lets be honest was something we all saw coming (no pun intended)).

  • The poop soap.. (-:
    That one killed me.
    I really dont know what to say about this Take.
    Good? Bad?
    I only take the poop soap from this heap of letters and words.

    • Awww, come on now, I think the edible anus chocolates would go perfectly with the poop soap.

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    • I bet some men are gonna open the package of their "new" chocolate and get smacked with a dejavu:
      "OMFG!! It's Annie's anus! I can practically smell the sesame!!!"

    • she needs to copyright her anus

  • The Bacon Lube? hum;-)? Who doesn't like bacon? LOL

    Kama sutra cookie cutters are funny.

    I work at Amazon and they have (little dick) cut outs and tiny dick lolly pops for bachlorette parties.

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What Girls Said 31

  • edible anus: stoned/generally hungry enough yeah
    human teeth jewelry: sure
    name a cockroach: lol fuck you too
    edible beef jerky: fuck yeah i'm down
    his and her tongue scrapers: i'd use it
    bacon lube: like bacon but not tasting like it
    make out pillow: that's what you're for slut
    willi warmers: hot; do it lol
    undead teds: badass yeah
    anthropomorphic mice: i mean it's kinda cute
    karma sutra cookie cutters: for sure
    poop soap: i can deal
    (^・ェ・^) ℒℴѵℯ❤

  • Sometimes these words can also be said when we are particularly surprised.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 a refreshingly different list.

  • Thanks! I was looking for the willi warmers pic! I showed it to my s/o once and he wanted me to knit it for him. I thought it was a joke and didn't save the pic. But he was serious!

  • eww gross, I can't believe there are people who buy this stuff... or people who make this stuff in hopes that weird people will buy this stuff.

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