Should I buy heart shaped chocolates for a cashier on Valentine's Day?

I know this girl for a while (since the last summer particularly) and she knows me, since I buy from the store she works at, pretty frequently and we have some talk when my turn to pay comes, but so far I have never attempted to flirt her. Today I bought heart-shaped chocolates (for myself, but they already have VD's themed products out) and as I was leaving I thought: “How’d it feel if I told her “This is a gift for you”…hmm?”
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  • Being there has been No Action of Flirting... Maybe Not.
    However, if you Begin your Beguine Now, for it is still a few weeks away from that Special Day, you still have Time to Buy her a Small box of Chocolates with Your own Big Heart. Se how it Goes with some Flirting.
    Only do it if you See Some Progress "En-Route"Here, dear. You don't Want to end up Going to another Cashier when it comes Time in Line for St. Patty's Day because you are Now feeling Awkward.
    Good Luck. xx

    • Thanks for th eLike. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of your own Confidence. And Best wishes again, my friend. xx

  • I say yes. It's always nice to receive gifts.


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  • Unless you are 12 I would not do this... instead start flirting with her... forget giving gifts to people you rarely know. If anything buy it for her to give to someone else through the line that might need a pick me up.. that way you come off cool but not giving her a direct gift.

  • Probably more suited for a girl to answer. It sounds sweet but kinda lame too. I think more so because it's kinda out of left field since you haven't flirted with her at all.


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  • She probably has a dozen guys hitting on her every day. I would not bother.


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