Valentine's day double standards?

Why do must girls expect the world on valentines day but get their boyfriend nothing. Most just expect to get stuff. They assume it's a day all about them but do our get nothing for their boyfriend in return. I've never had this problem it's just what I've happen for some guys.


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  • Females in general look for any reason or events that center around them. They demand others to give to them. That is not true love.

    It a fact that Valentine Day is a money making business. Women are very obsessed with it because they think it all about them. They expect their husband or boyfriend to spend all this money for them. Valentine Day has nothing to do with sex.

    Valentine Day is a time to reflexed on others who has impact your life. Those would include your husband, wife, children, brothers and sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle, nephew, nieces, boyfriend, girlfriend, males friends, female friends, etc, etc.

    It a time of celebrated. A time to said thank you for being in my life.

    No female, Valentine Day is not just for you. It for everyone.


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  • I usually get something for him and get nothing. Although I got some thing 1 year.

  • Hmm.

    I think honestly, it's not really so much about the gift itself as it is showering the girl with love and affection.

    A girl can get a guy a gift any time of the year, maybe his birthday.

    I don't know if I've never really had a boyfriend so I can't answer this question

    • You can shower her in affection any time of the year just like you cab buy him a gift any time of the year so there's nothing stopping the girl from getting a guy something on VDay because its not just all about the girls. Its a mutual thing.

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    • still not an excuse for the girl to not get her boyfriend something. you just proved me to be even more right when you said lots if valentines day stuff isn't expensive. also my girlfriend has nothing to do with it she always gets me something. it's something I see other guys go through

    • I can see why you do not have a boyfriend. Women need to show males love affection. This statement you made is a basis (A girl can get a guy a gift any time of the year, maybe his birthday.). So what you are said is valentine is for females. You are wrong. Valentine Day is a family event.

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