I need help with getting my girlfriend a Valentine's present but I have no clue what to get. Any suggestions?


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  • Think of her and her interests, hobbies, past times, etc. You can get her a specialty box of chocolates with a gift card or a small gift from her favourite store.
    -Does she like jewelry? Pickup a nice necklace or a pair of earrings for her and hide a little note in the box wishing her a happy valentines day, with a simple compliment. It'd be a great gift, and she could look at the note and smile every time she opens the box to wear them.
    Some other ideas are:
    - A dinner date with some flowers
    - a movie night for you two, maybe you could make her dinner and share some time together.
    - A small box filled of those candy hearts with words printed on them. Along with a card and possibly a gift card to one of her favourite places / stores.
    - A book, if she's into reading. You can attach a sticky note somewhere in the book so when she gets to that page she can see it, and it'll be a cute reminder of you
    - does she drink tea/coffee? Pickup a tea mug and you can make a DIY mug with a sharpie for her. (You will have to bake it to make the marker set) and put a cute saying on it, or write your two names and add a few hearts around. Then fill the mug with some candy she'd like. You can put it into a small gift bag for easy carrying. This is an inexpensive, creative idea that can definitely work for any occasion.
    - Another few options: stuffed animal (her fav.) for valentines day, and a couple of roses. A photo of the two of you, a perfume / body mist in her favourite scent.

    Basically, put some thought into something she would like. You know her best, and if you think about her, her interests, likes, needs, her personality, and everything else, you should be able to think of something special just for her. It doesn't have to be expensive, flashy, or over the moon incredible. Usually its the little things that mean the most, and no matter what it is, a gift coming from you will make her happy.
    I hope you think of something, and hopefully these few ideas helped!


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  • Roses
    Chocolate candy
    Anything red
    Stuff animal
    Valentine's card

Valentines Day

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  • Pretty much anything can be a Valentine's Day gift. Think about things she would like- it doesn't have to be holiday themed. In fact, it will be more meaningful if it's something you picked out specifically for her, rather than just grabbing anything with a heart on it. Some ideas:

    Her favorite flowers and/or candies
    A small inexpensive jewelry item
    A book, game, or puzzle
    A clothing item such as socks, hat, or scarf
    Something to do with her bobby or interest

    A handmade card is also never a bad idea.

    • I make handmade cards for several occasions, and everyone loves them! It is always a great idea that can never go wrong, and shows that you care because you took the time to make the card and personalize it for them! I've been doing this since I was a kid and people still love and look forward to them to this day!

    • @aWes0MeNeSs I love making handmade cards too- I also started doing it as a kid and now I can't bring myself to stop. It would feel like cheating if I purchased a card haha.

  • a big teddy bear


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Valentines Day