How to spice up a long distance relationship on Valentine's Day?

My boyfriend works away and won't be home for Valentine's Day. I want to have a sexy Skype date and wear some sexy lingerie. I just want some other ideas to make it special because it's are first Valentine's Day together.


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  • Make a nice big Valentine's day card on big cardboard and show it to him on the Skype date. Wearing something nice is cool and he should like it.

  • skype/facetime is always nice, getting to see your partner while they're away is always good if they're away


What Girls Said 1

  • You two could set aside some time and have a dinner together, even if it's over long distance.
    Have him cook up something fancy for him, that he would make for you, and you do the same. Then grab a glass of wine, put on that lingerie, light some candles (make sure he can see them in the back ground) and dim the lights, and enjoy a romantic evening infront of the computer with him.
    Talk about how you wish he could be there to enjoy your special dinner for him, and share your excitement for spending the special day together, even if it's not physically.

    I'd treat it like a vitrual date almost. Have a chat with him and share everything you want to. If you're adventurous do a stip tease for him over the computer, or have a strip poker game going on online between you guys. Play truth or dare, or set up a quiz game of your guys's relationship. (Ex: ask where you first met? Whats your favourite dessert? and let him answer, and ask things too) if you get the answer right, take a piece of clothing off. If it's wrong, put a piece back on.
    It's entertaining, fun and very spicey. I'm sure he'll be incredibly excited and into it.

    Another great thing is you two can play an online game together, or stay on Skype while you guys team up in a console game through online connection (xbox, ps3 / 4) anything you two can share. This is entertaining, and lets you two see one another while having fun.

    I hope you both enjoy!


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