What to get a guy for Valentine's Day?

It's kinda hard to get guys gifts on Valentine's Day cause all there is as gifts are pink. I need some advice for a gift and would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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  • Valentine's day gifts don't have to be holiday themed. Gifts are just a way to show your appreciation for your partner and spoil them a little. It's not necessary to give gifts on Valentine's day, but if your partner has a gift for you, it's definitely a good idea to give them something in return.

    I've gotten my boyfriend stuff like books, games, and puzzles. Guys also often appreciate clothing (boxers, socks, pajamas, shirts, ties) and items like watches or wallets. You could also consider getting him a piece of technology, a video game, etc. It just depends on how much you want to spend, but don't feel pressured to get something that's marketed specifically for the holiday. Chances are your gift will mean more (and you'll pay less for what it is) if you choose something that's not a seasonal item.

  • Adventure! Like Paintball, Laser Tag, Zip Cording and then... Booty!

  • Valentine's day is generally for getting a girl a gift and then she shows appreciation with love and intimacy.


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