Valentine's Day gift ideas?

I need ideas for little gifts I can send to my long distance boyfriend for Valentine's day. I'm not sure what to send him.

Valentines Day

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  • Having been in a Long distance relationship for 2 years.(we broke up recently) I feel that anything that comes in the mail is great news from your other half. He will be happy with whatever you send or do. I suggest doing something cool, like sending him a small present along with a lot of cute chits and letters. Or you could try to call up his local radio station and try and get a song played. Maybe send him one of those bracelets with your heartbeat on it.
    I've tried expensive gifts... like super expensive ones... they never really worked. Send him something useful or personal

    • thank you :)

    • Long distance is really a challenge. If you ever need help feel free to ask/message me

    • thanks. i appreciate it:)

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Valentines Day