Should I get him anything for Valentine's Day?

We work together and we'll both we working that day. We're not official or exclusive... Our relationship kind of borders between "friend with benefits" and "casual dating" I guess, because we enjoy hanging out and doing stuff other than hooking up.

So I'm not sure if I should do anything for him or if I shouldn't since we're not in a relationship. I was planning on baking cookies and bringing them in for everyone.. would that be enough or should I do something special for him? I'd feel bad if he did anything cute for me and I didn't do the same.


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  • Me being a giving person in general would get him something nothing crazy or to forward like flowers and a i love you card does he drink? Get him a bottle of his favorite drink or a gift card to his fav restaurant something like that just to show him gkjr thinking of him without getting all mushy and open lol

    • Maybe something cute and friendly, but nothing like let's run off into the sunset together. Get a dinosaur and put roar you be my valentine lol just be a dork but cool about it.

  • no you shouldn't


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