Is it weird to ask a girl out 2 weeks before valentines day?

The title says it all, but there is this girl that I like and I want to ask her out for valentines day and is it weird to do it 2 weeks before V-Day?


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  • I think so, a guy has liked me since Thanksgiving and we had our first date last week, we're having our second one tomorrow, and we're spending Valentines Day together. I've known him for a while and he makes me incredibly happy; I suggest you go for it.


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  • It's not weird. I did that once, about 32 years ago, and it worked out very well. No girl wants to spend Valentine's Day alone!

    • If I do, how do I act before the date? We both go to the same college and same classes, do I be more flirtatious if she says yes or?

    • Yes, you should act like you are interested and looking forward to your date. You might even invite her to have lunch with you one day between classes.

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  • Day after. Save your money.

    • Well that's not how I see it, I see it as a potential life time investment. And plus, first impressions when going on a date gives you one chance for the next one in my opinion.

    • Showing her you are willing to bust open your wallet without her earning being treated by you won't earn you her respect if she has any integrity.

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