Single for Valentine's day? help?

all my friends have bfs literally while I haven't dated in months. I know with Valentines day coming up its normal to feel left out and jealous when everybody seems to be in love. how can I distract myself from feeling left out? and if anybody is going through the same thing what did you do?


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  • The best thing would be too do something you like, take yourself out, buy some chocolates, take a bubble bath. Don't become jealous... you're time will come too just not now


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  • You know plenty of people are single on Valentine's Day, and not everyone pays attention even when they are in a relationship anyway.

    • true. but it's still blows when on you're own on Valentine's day while all your friends are on romantic dates right?

    • It may seem like all your friends are on dates, but aren't there many who are uninvolved?

    • Yeah true! haha I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it

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