Have you ever fallen in love? How do you define love?

What is love and how do you understand what is love? How do you separate lust love and infatuation? I am confused.


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  • Everyone feels/sees love/lust/infatuation differently.
    However, from my personal experience, I've experienced all 3.
    When I lust for someone, I only ever think about them when I'm horny. They don't cross my mind other than when sex is involved. I don't care for them or their private lives and frankly, I don't want to.
    When i feel infatuated by someone, it usually is this intense feeling of affection that is so.. strong, it feels almost like a bomb because my feelings over flow to the point they just.. stop. Like.. I just.. get bored of them. (This has happened in all of my previous relationships, hence why they are previous, haha.)

    Recently (3-4 months ago) I fell inlove for the first time. And honestly, i can say it's the most confusing, yet, comforting feeling ever. I suddenly felt this fire inside of me - I felt more daring to stand up to people I've been scared of, tackle tasks and idea's that felt impossible. I have become more of myself then I've ever felt. I feel like i found myself when i found my partner.- But, it also comes with feelings of great protection towards my partner. I feel like a mother, constantly worrying "wear a jacket, it's cold outside." "I told you don't smoke just now, you'll feel sick" "Honey, you should really go sleep, you gotta be up early tomorrow" and so on (I could write a book). Also, I have this great interest and need to be involved in my partners life, I wanna know everything. The meanest thing someone said to her when she was a child, how she broke her arm, things her mother and her would do, etc. I want to know everything, not for a personal gain at all, just... Innocent involvement. I have now noticed, everything i do (even subconsciously) I do for her. When i'm in the shop, I find myself looking for her favourite drinks/food. I find myself engrossed in articles about stuff she is into and that i have no interest in, but yet, somehow i do.
    I want to touch her body constantly, but not even in a sexual way (however irresistible she is). I just love the feeling of her smooth, perfect skin on my fingertips, the warmth she radiates, her curves and even the lack of curves. I want to constantly just stare at her. I can't look away, no matter how good the movie is, or how interesting the conversation around us is, I just.. ah, her face. So beautiful. - Anyway, right, sorry, see what i mean? Insane. Being inlove is scary, haha. Feel like at this point, I sound like a creep and I'm way off subject, haha.


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  • I wanted to ask the same question. And my answer is that I have no idea how to define love. I don't know if I've ever been in love.

    • Me neither. I wonder what others think.

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