What should I do for my man on Valentines Day?

Hi guys! So this is my 4th valentines day with my boyfriend and I have no idea what to get him or do for him that he may like. I want it to be special since he's officially my longest relationship. He loves video games, anime, dragons, ninjas and anything of the Japanese culture. Any ideas?


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  • Does he have a favorite Japanese female character, or other female character, from videos, or whatever (sorry, I don't follow that)? Dress up like that character, and let him make love to you, as her. Guys like that kind of thing. . .

    • Hmmm... I don't know if he has a favorite. I'll have to ask.

    • Do it, 'casually' so you can surprise him! Don't just ask, openly, but maybe watch one of his favorite movies, or series, and just ask him, casually...
      The SURPRISE factor, seeing you dressing like that one, is going to be 'Priceless'!!

    • Always worth a shot :)

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  • get him a video game and cook his fav food


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