Mass Valentines Day Gifting. Suggestions?

What's a good, allergy friendly candy?
Like, no nuts, gluten free etc. Also, I would prefer it be something a little cheaper that I can get in bulk. I'm doing a mass Valentine gifting, for lots of people. Also, I would like to include a little something extra besides candy, what should it be? (Most of the people I'm gifting to are younger than 18, but there are a few older.) Also, any other suggestions are welcome! Thank you!


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  • Nutella.
    Trustworthy, reliable, available in bulk.
    Making people happy, since 1964.

    • Haha, while I love Nutella, there are people who are allergic to it and other stuff. That's why I asked if anyone knew any allergy friendly candy.

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    • Get a pupper. Or a doggo. Any pupper! Any doggo! Or both!

      Circling back to the issue, it took about 4 minutes for me to make that particular card. And I'm terrible with crafts. If you're short of time, i more emphatically request you to type the words "unending card turtorial" in the youtube search box. Even if you dont decide on making it, you'll lose only 3 minutes from you limited amount of time. :)

    • I can't get a pupper or doggo. My mom won't let me (even though I said I'll pay for it and all its supplies.)

      Okay I'll go watch the video, lol.

  • Necco Sweethearts are gluten and nut free.


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