How to get out of the friendzone?

there this one girl I really like I ask her to be my valentine she said I love you but only friends ps before starting a conversation can I say hey beautiful


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  • I think the easiest way to bounce of the friend zone is to implant sexual desire in a girl. It's not necessarily from a romantic gesture so much as physical and/or sexual one.

    Imagine you are buddies with a girl who is at least somewhat attractive to you but you never think of her that way. Then imagine one day she hugs you and you feel her shapely body, and then grinds her ass all over you while teasing you. Suddenly you might see her that way, not just sexually but you might develop some romantic fantasies about her as well having been good friends for a time.

    That's what you want to do to a girl as I see it. With girls though, they seem to respond more to how you touch rather than feeling your body (ex: grinding your ass on a girl won't necessarily make her go home craving your ass). Grabbing a girl's ass in that sense while you two passionately kiss might be better.

    So I think start with casually asking her out and then seduce her over the date. Try to bond with her and touch her in a way that will make her go home craving that touch. If you succeed, she will no longer see you as just a friend. There will be a sexual attraction at that point, and that can blossom into something very romantic.

    • He should do a hard reset first though and stay out of contact for 30 days though, then he has to play the seduction game? No?

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    • @BobbyD1982 In the first case (not my wife), there was some alcohol and drinking involved and we were both a bit drunk and sitting outside of the party, just me and her. Then I got close to her and we talked and kiss.

      I didn't immediately get out of the friend zone. The next day it was a bit awkward but I asked her on a date a second time and this time she agreed... then gradually we proceeded like a couple and she became my girlfriend.

      With my wife I had to be bolder since I couldn't find opportunities to just sit right next to her like this and bond. I had to do something a bit more extreme.

    • 1000% agree with you.

      The reason your wife changed her mind is when you decided to act on instinct. It's the "bad boy/ we shouldn't be doing this" mentality.

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  • If she has said she only wants a friendship, then there isn't a getting out. That is her telling you she doesn't want to date you. The friend zone doesn't exist, it's just a way for girls to say no without backlash.


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  • You don't.
    She's not interested. Move on.
    But if you want to try some of that pick up artist garbage go right ahead and not only be that guy she's not sexually attracted to but also a creepy asshole who can't take a giant hint.

  • No, stop!
    No contact for 30 days

    • You can get out of the friendzone, but you need to follow a few steps and be calculated, first is no contact for 30 days

  • 30 day rule bro


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