What should I get my boyfriend for Valentines Day?

Recently I have asked what should I get my boyfriend on this site and I got him cologne but since Valentines Day is coming, I don't know what to get him because he has too much of everything.


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  • Ever hear of Open When letters?

    • πŸ€”πŸ€” no

    • Ok, so quick tutorial here. Basically, it's just like what it sounds. You write a series of letters and include little "gifts" with them. For example, open when you're feeling sick, and inside is a letter with your comments (so sorry you're sick, I wrote this to help you feel better and here's some things to help) and include things like herbal tea and vitamin C tablets (in a little baggy). Or a letter for when he feels sad, or misses you, or is happy, or is making a decision - it's virtually endless. You can write tons of these, and decorate them with doodles, stickers, chocolates, whatever you want to put in. I did a stress relief one for my girlfriend that had a rubber band (for when she was stretched too far), a penny (so she'd never be broke), a star (so she'd know she's the star in my sky I look to), etc. She absolutely loved it. I know as a guy if someone sent me something like that, I'd be super happy.

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  • I'm getting my fiancΓ© a personalised book full of reasons why I love him, the sites called lovebook. It's quite sweet

    • Oooo!! Sounds interesting! Thanks :)

    • You're welcome 😊 It can be fully personalised as well, they have pages you can pick from but you can edit every page to make It even more your own

  • You could just take him to a movie or out for dinner or something and pay for it

    • His friend asked him to do a double date since they are traveling down to us so that's what we're doing but I don't know what to get him.

    • I don't know what they're called but you could make some of those cards where each one has a different favor written on them. They don't have to be sexual, it could just be for a back rub or you'll make dinner for him one night or something and each card can only be used once.

    • That's a cool idea πŸ’‘

  • cook a dessert for him


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