Ideas for Valentine's day for a girl?

Hi people! A friend of mine asked me what could be a nice gift/surprise/plan for Valentine's Day for his girlfriend. I don't know her and I'm really not romantic so I have no idea what to tell him but he's really trying to come up with something ahahahha he made her a very nice surprise for their first anniversary (flowers, rings and a teasure hunt that led to the place where they first kissed where he hid the rings) He just turned 18 and she's 14. So girls, what would you like? Guys, what are you doing for you girlfriend or what have you done in the past years?


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  • At the very least a nice romantic dinner.


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  • What's with all these age gaps? This is so weird

  • what in the fuck

  • Some nice romantic sex.

    • That would've been my first thought, but she's 14 and he's 18 I'd wait for her to come up with it

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    • Hahaha if I had to do something for Valentine's day with my non-existent boyfriend sex would be it, but it feels weird to tell my friend to fuck her as she's still so young lol I wouldn't want her to feel pressured

    • Yeah. Haha. I guess ur into sex as much as i am.. i wouldn't mind 4 times a day or more..

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