What's love and are you in love? How to know if you're in love?

Define love to me.
You are in love when...
You can't stop thinking about that person.
You want to meet that person everyday.
You start daydreaming about them.
You want to make them happy.
Seeing them sad, makes you sad, and you do your best to make them happy again.
You want them to meet important people of your life.
You do little things like pulling a chair, opening doors for them.
You want to make them fully comfortable with you and the surroundings.
If your act is making them uncomfortable, you immediately stop it.
Seeing them in pain makes you sad and you wish you could take it all on you.
You praise them for their work, and encourage them to keep doing good work.
You tell them about their cons and help them improve as you love them a lot.
You are careful about your words and actions in front of them.
You can't stop staring at them and just admire how nice they are.
You feel like giving them surprises and make them happy, and you do it.
You want to keep them safe, protect them.
You will do anything for them.
For me, this is what happens when you are in love...
What do you think? What do you believe?


Most Helpful Guy

  • ok u want to knw wen your in love... thats different for all people and can't be explained easily but this is 1 of the almost sure signs that u are in love: (its when u call your partner over your place for sex and when he or she arrives at your door and u look that person in the eyes, and just start kissing straight frm the door to the bed and den out of nowhere the both of u just want to cuddle and enjoy each other company... any day u and your partner turn down sex to cuddle is wen the both of u are really in love.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't have a definition because everyone experiences it differently. You know when you are in love when you are in love. If you have to ask you simply aren't in love.


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Love, is the bond between two individuals, lit ablaze. A friendship set on fire.

  • when you see, everything around you is complete mess and there's no way out.. eureka.. you're in Love

  • no one can't define love, only feel it


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