Valentine's Day cute guy?

I really like this guy. He liked me a lot freshman year, but I was really shy and didn't date people. Sophomore year we were really flirty, but his best friend really liked me and I went with his friend to hoco and prom (as friends, it was clear).
now it's junior year, over winter break I summoned the courage to ask him on a date and it was really fun and I think he liked it a lot too, we both agreed we should do it again sometime soon. Now I feel like he's ignoring me, or is cold towards me? It might just be his personality, can't really tell. Should I do something for him for Valentine's Day? Also, should I ask him if I did something to make him mad?
(sorry so long)
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  • Yes, get him chocolates/other
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  • did he find out you went out with his friend?

    • Yes, we went out as friends last year.. but I went with the guy I like to a movie over winter break that I invited him to... do maybe there's a chance?

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    • What should I text him?

    • just text him if he would like go do something some time

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