Ideas on what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

I have no idea what to get him! His birthday is in march so I don't want to spend a whole bunch bit V-day. He currently is dieting and won't eat any candy or chocolate. He's kinda a hipster. Plays both electric and double bass, not sporty at all. I was thinking of getting him a bottle of my favorite cologne that he has, a new belt, and some other things for his birthday. I really just have no idea what guys would like on V-da! Please help!

Valentines Day

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  • I would look into some custom picks for his bass, my girlfriend did that for me and I was pretty stoked when I got them

    • Where could I get them customized?

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    • Will do! Thanks for the good idea. I did look online and there are 2 different shapes of picks. He also plays guitar but not as often. So I don't know if I should get a standard shape or a bass pick?

    • Go for standard, you can use standard on both. Bass pick is better only for bass, not for normal

  • What are his hobbies?

    • Playing bass, and he skates but doesn't really care much about skating, he only does it to look cool. And he's really invested in his church.

    • Maybe a nice necklace or ring with a cross on it

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Valentines Day