Valentine's Day help💀?

I want to get my boyfriend baseball tickets. He plays baseball and everything but! He doesn't have a favorite team.. I know a few he likes but not a lot. But I don't know if I should still get him tickets? Like I think it'd be fun to watch a game especially a free given one?


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  • Do it if u feel he likes it.. but make sure u guys go around for a date or something.. in the evening.. keep things simple.. n it would glow..

    • I'm not sure if he would lmao. Like I don't know since he plays it what if he's not into watching? But he watching it at home on he tv. And I'd buy two tickets so he could bring a friend or his dad or me if he wanted. And we are dating.

    • if u guys are already dating.. then probably u shud hv asked him about his likes n dislikes.. i would suggest u drop this baseball thing.. and for a Valentine's day.. no mom n dad please.. not even another frnd.. just the 2 of u is required..

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