Should an anonymous valentines rose contain a message?

Valentines day is coming and at school we can send a rose. They will deliver it to the person on valentines day in class. With the rose comes the option to attach a little message. I wanted to know if I should send a message with the rose I am going to send to the girl I like.

Extra details:
The girl I am sending the rose is shy.
The girl I am sending the rose most probably already knows I like her in that way.
The girl I like is called Amber and I am called Sam (incase you want to suggest any play on words or something alike).

I forgot to add that she is a pretty good friend of me. And that a lot of her friends know I like her.
Also forgot, I am almost 17 years old and she is just a bit over 17 years old


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  • well sending message is really nice with rose if you dont want to write your name writte her love quotes or something


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes send the message that way the girl knows you send the rose. Don't be anonymous because she may not guess your the one that gave it to her.