How to tell him I want to go further on valentines day?

So me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year now, but its our first valentines day. We have gotten to the point of making out and getting handsy, but I want to go further. The farther we have gone is like putting our hands inside the other persons clothes to feel stuff. I really want to go to the next level (i. e. getting naked and hand jobs and oral) but I am really nervous about how to tell him this. I feel like valentines day is a great day for it because its already a romantic day. I know that we will be alone at his place for a good part of the night, so I know it will be possible. But how do I tell him that I am ready for it without seeming weird or pushy or slutty?


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  • Yeah I was going to say just take it in your hands! You can either start by feeling around or by taking cloths off... I mean he is a guy! You should t need to do much to get things started and if you have already enjoyed making out you could even just unzip his pants as soon as your alone and give him a nice BJ!


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  • its either up to you if you wanna talk to him about it or just do it, take it slow and touch him which might give him hints of what you wanna do :)


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