Do single girls tend to want to find someone for Valentines day?

Is this an agenda for single girls at this time? Because they feel lonely and left out. In other words should I try to seize the moment now and ask her out?

But I'm pensive because she is in my class, and she's so hard to read. As in she's really aloof and damn ambiguous. Always has been. I used to actually think she didn't like me at all for no good reason, but that's just the way she is.. because this year she seems really interested in me as a friend and/or colleague or whatever.. and she asked me if her lipstick looked okay I don't know if that's a thing or not.

But as usual I am probably now over reading, or better yet over misreading. If I ask her out and it's an awkward no, and we're in the same class and working on stuff together, I ain't gonna' like that. So maybe I could just ask if she wants to hang out some time next week? But I feel like it'll be really weird, and kind of obvious.


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  • Not really


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  • ... if you want to go out valentines is an easy day to do it

    • why is it?

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    • I don't really understand what you just said. I don't date online anyway though. Don't believe in it.

    • the women are more unpredictable than normal

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