What to write to a girl I like for a valentine carnation?

I'm in college. And there's a girl that's a year or so older than me who I find to be absolutely stunning. I met her once while working at her dance show but we only really know eachother by phase and are strangers otherwise.

I want to start talking to her and ask her on a date, and I figured instead of just sending her a message over Facebook I might as well send her a carnation with a flower and note, my school organizes this for Valentine's Day.

so what I'm wondering is, would it be weird if the note simply said "Have a great day, beautiful or gorgeous" with my name and number at the bottom? I usually like being straightforward and calling a girl beautiful but I've also heard girls hate a guy that starts like that. Any ideas? Thanks !!


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  • Well you don't want her to think that you just like her for her looks. I think the carnation idea but the note you're thinking of sounds a little f boi-ish I don't know. I just know how girls minds work and you just might want to rephrase it a little bit.

    • The carnation idea is sweet was what i was trying to say

    • Right? I mean I think that's the best way to attempt this. But yeah, I don't want to sound that I only want sex. Any idea how to rephrase?

    • That part im not too sure about. You could always turn to the internet for inspiration. Like some sort of cute but not too cheesy poem type thing. Or just ideas

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  • Think of a poem or some thing it's hard to come up with some thing to write with out knowing hobbies or any background info...

    • That's why I was just gonna say "have a great day, beautiful" as a start with my name and number and let her text me if she's interested

    • Well I suppose that'll work go for it. What do you have to lose?

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  • "A beautiful carnation for an even more beautiful girl. Would like to get some coffee with you sometime... - ( your name and number)"

  • I say go for it. what's the worst that could happen?


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