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So my friend (well call him A) and I like each other, but we said we wouldn't date because we are both too busy right now (this was in December). We flirt occasionally, but nothing serious. I posted a selfie on my Snapchat story saying "Alone for Valentines!" then he commented (idk what to call it). Here's our conversation.
A- You don't have to be 😘
Me- Oh is that an offer I hear?
A- Yes it is (a little late)
Me- What do you mean?
A- Nevermind I'm dumb
Me- No you're not
A- Ehhh when it comes to common sense I am
Me- Aren't we all... What were you trying to say?
A- I can be your Valentine so you are not alone but I can't do that without a yes
Me- Yes

Now I'm clueless... are we a thing now?


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  • I would say it's a start but I don't think it's anything official. You need to talk to him about it in person.

    • How would I start said conversation? I don't want him to think I'm rushing or pressuring him..

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    • not a problem, good luck

  • Boo Maple Leafs!


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