Would a valentines day like this be good?

Today it is valentines day in this part of the world and reading all these sappy facebook post is so bad..
It got me thinking though since I've never had a valentines date before, do you think if I got a rose from the local rose garden rather than one of those $50 flowers from the shop you would still accept the gift with all your heart? Or is that too ghetto for you?
and again if instead of celebrating valentines day on the 14 but instead on the 15th to avoid the whole commercial shit to do with the event, would that make a difference? All in all the day was meant to be a symbolic meaning of romance and love so would these factors really play a part?
and yes lol I'm the type to do shit like this xD
In all honesty when I read these post it seems like all these couples are trying to prove to others that their love is existent, oh maybe that's just my mood from reading so many today.
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  • Would a valentines day like this be good?Ghetto asf
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  • Depends on the girl


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