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My boyfriend and i have been together for 7 years. Last night we got into an argument over the smallest thing because he over think things to the extreme when really it's nothing wrong. So today is valentines day and I didn't receive a call or tex. But I see he is active on FB. It's not that I want him to buy me a gift or anything the least he can do is say happy valentines day. Now I'm feeling a certain way because I haven't spoke to him since last night. And not to mention we haven't seen each other in WEEKSSS


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  • If your really not getting peace of mind ( remember you can't put a price on peace of mind) just text him and see how he reacts.. Tell him to forget about whatever argument you had and if he's still got an attitude about it.. Then do not message him again.. If he cares he will message you.. It would be a shame to let 7yrs end like that
    All the best..


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  • you talk to him angry bc he didn't call you or text you right? well u got damn right to be mad, it's not so hard to take a minute and call u. why haven't you both seen each other for weeks? are u in a long distance relationship?

    • We both work long hours each day and weekends sometimes we rest but I still try to make the effort and see him but the past 3 weeks we just haven't.

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    • No I wish. We both still live with parents

    • that's hard , them there should be a lot of communication, or you could go to a restaurant , hotel, telo, anything

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  • Some dishonest people take small fight and arguments as a pretext of dumping their girlfriend /boyfriend


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  • You could say Happy Valentine's Day to him and, if you love him, remind him of that. However he reacts, it will tell you how much he's willing to throw away over this argument that you say was over something small.


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