Women’s Day


Did anyone else celebrate Violence Against Women Day instead of Valentines Day?


Valentines Day is a sick joke. All over the world men are raping, killing and enslaving women. Once again the western world lies to it self. Western women "loving" their abusers. It makes me sick. Its a damn sick joke valentines day

Men can have their love when they stop raping, killing, women.

And yeah I'm a straight man, not gay or woman. But shows you know what most straight men ar elike to accuse me.

So are you doing anything to stop this attack on women?


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  • I heard about this day on the news. It's true, lots of women are suffering around the world, but no one cares.
    Some people even deny that domestic violence exists. I just wonder: what's wrong with these people? How don't they see it?
    And the most shocking part is that some of these people are women. It's just shows how fucked up how our world is.
    I'm going to be honest, I'm not doing anything because I don't know what can I do.

    • Boycott men. If you need sex, choose women

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    • Sex is sex.

    • That's not so simple to me.
      A woman's body is different from a man's body. Plus, it must be different to have sex with men and women.

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  • You sound like another man hating feminist actually

    • I am a man hating feminist

      I am one of the good men

    • The majority of men aren't monsters... they are awesome men and frankly I'm gettng disgusted with feminists and you trying to portray men as evil beings. . You are so delusional

    • Men are shit. Not worthy of anything good. Women are rising

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  • Of course, I did. It's my favourite time of the year.

    This year, I celebrated by roundhouse kicking my wife and kerbstomping my sister. Followed by a glass of scotch, to end the day nicely.

  • LMAO. Beautifully done troll mate. 8/8 @AleDeEurope

  • No because I'm sane

  • You're a bit odd...

  • i do my part by not following Islam


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