How to make a valentines day at work fun?

Ok so I'm being sent at a social service orientation workshop and I can't really say no since it's related to my job. So I'll be spending this Valentine's day learning... I don't even what. And it's bound to be pretty depressing. How can I cheer myself up? Other than drinking a ton, that is. I won't be able to knock myself out since there might be field-work involved and I'd to show up drunk.


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  • It’s just a day in the year. It’s not like it’s a big holiday here you are missing out on the family time or community involvement/volunteering work

    Just go to work, get the job done
    If you must do something of love theme, go to a store, buy something for yourself or go to a foot spa

    • I know... it really is just a day. Most of it's in our heads. But sometimes we do become pretty stupid, right?
      Thing is, I'm associating a lot of things with one another and making myself miserable. I was actually going to attend a different workshop elsewhere, and there was this girl I was supposed to meet there. But then our university decided this one's more urgent and so I won't even be seeing her :/... And it all piles up inside my mind and makes me decide I should be miserable.

      I think I need to start getting high again :p. I'm overthinking stuff...

      Thanks for the advise :)

    • Don’t get high
      And no problem

    • No no, I won't :p
      That was just me thinking aloud.
      Besides, getting high almost invariably makes me overthink my overthoughts. I start replying to statements no has made yet.

  • Positive thinking to start with. Try to be happy no matter what the situation. Also maybe try packing yourself a special lunch or planning something that makes you happy for after work. Having things to look forward to should make it a bit easier. Also maybe come up with some games to play with coworkers or make mini bets on first person to fall asleep, who will drink the most coffee etc. hope this helps :)

    • It IS a good advice :D. I think I'll try convincing some of the others to play cards against humanity with me!

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    • Make believe they are too young for board games

    • That actually sounds like a nice way to spend the day... Make believe games, a few cartoons, some ice cream and stuff maybe.
      Lean in to the mood, I'd say. You're a mom. A role model for all your kids. And you're also going to be the most fun and friendly mom they'll ever see. Give them a taste of how wonderful you can make their day :). And if you take some pics of them having fun, I'd love to see them.

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