What would you do?

My brothers 9& 5 are in foster care right now 😭 they have been in there since mid Oct. I just found out that I could send them stuff
Birthday and valentines are coming up... And late holidays that I missed with them.. I love them and miss them so much

1. If these were your siblings.. What kind of stuff would you send to them?

2. Also I am going to write them a letter to.. What stuff would you say in the letter if it was you writing to your siblings?

3. And anything else you would do for them


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  • 1. I would send them chocolate and a stuffed animal.

    2. I would write how much I love them and you all will be together soon, and anything I felt.

    3. I would spend time with them


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  • I would do everything I could for them. 9 and 5 are good ages for toys, less for nine, depending. Send each of them one thing that is really special they can remember you by. Good luck


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  • Send them toys


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