Why do a whole crockpot of people on GAG complain for Valentines?

It's so plucking annoying.
Idgaf about Valentines in general but there is a limit to which I can handle annoying posts on why they aren't or whoever else isn't fit for Valentines like jeez at least you can breathe and even if you didn't want to - at least you have options 🤓 CLEAR OPTIONS


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  • I dont post about it but I am against it. People can obviously do it if they want but I think its just a backwards celebration that highlights a lack of love and companionship and in general just shows how willing people are to show their love by celebrating on the same day as everyone else entirely because there is a social pressure to do so.
    Luckily my girlfriend agrees so we don't celebrate valentines day. We love each other all year round and go out for romantic meals, buy each other presents, share our love and thoughts and feelings rather than on one day.


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  • well hooo fucking rah to you, I've never adhered to the bull shit of valentines especially the modern media version, the real original version perhaps, however, few even know of it,,, for me my worst nightmare would be going out for dinner sitting opposite a partner among others making some forced and faked effort on a determined day by the controlled society we live in, absolute torture i literally would end it with a partner who actually thought this would please me... xx


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  • Because they haven’t realized the joy of 50% off candy on February 15th yet XD

  • It's because it should be illegal. It discrimates against single people


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