What should I get my husband for Valentine's day?

I want to get my husband something awesome for Valentine's day as was getting me something and its when we got in engaged as well.


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  • A divorce?

    • Why would I do that

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    • The gift of life and family. You dont think that's important?

    • I think it's important i was just asking and couldn't just say why

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  • What does he like to do? Get him something he would be interested in. Does he like fishing? Get him a new rod or tackle box. Does he like video games? Buy him a new console or a game he's had his eye on. Does he like to be pampered? Do a couples spa day or buy a shiatsu foot massager. Does he like hunting or guns? Buy him a new gun. Does he like cooking? Get him new cookware. If he likes jewelry get him a new watch. He will appreciate anything you buy because it's from you.

    • Thats could work actually likes video games and we play against each other and with his friends

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  • A blowup doll. Man time alone, a bj, food, pamper him. Be random, do something different.

    • Like what different

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    • You have some fucking issues like good damn

    • Love you too sweety. Xoxo

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